Asleep Again

Christians are worried about all the different crises in the world today, except the ones nearest them, starting with themselves, their families, and their churches.

They are permissive with their lives, allowing sin in their life and treating the grace of Christ with contempt.

Their children see the hypocrisy and follow suit, and parents wonder why their relationships are strained and why their children are not dedicated to God.

Their marriages are a mess, because the latest Netflix binge has replaced time spent getting to know each other. Do they pray together anymore? Or discuss the Lord together?

Since they don’t have these closest things stewarded well spiritually, they opt for the easy way out. They attend sloppy grace churches that pander to their flesh, are permissive, and only give them weak words that pat them on the back.

Even worse, is when these churches preach a false gospel of extreme kenosis that denies the full deity of Christ, and claims them to be “little gods” who in reality serve the flesh and the devil. They get a thrill when they talk about the prosperity and their royal status and how it is the “new way”. In reality, it is as old as Eden, right before being kicked out from the presence of God, because Eve desired to be “like God”. It’s not new. It’s ancient, and foul.

ANY professed way, ancient or new, that does not adhere to the full deity of Jesus Christ,(yesterday, today, and forever,) is a false Gospel. If you are going to a church that professes this, LEAVE. This doctrine of “little gods” and “prosperity” is the seductive pull of the spirit of the Anti-Christ. I always wondered while reading Jesus’ words about the “great falling away” at the end. How could so many Christians be fooled? Well, if they believe they are “little gods”, why would it be a big deal if a governmental leader claimed to be one under the guise of religion? I can easily see it now. That, and how they aggressively hate and ostracize those who dare question this false doctrine.

Sadly, one would think that the events of this year would have woken up more Christians to the idea that it isn’t a politician that will save us from these crises, or a leader, or a church, but the LORD. However, this isn’t the case and I’m saddened at how quickly the “sleeping giants” have already succumbed to falling asleep again, going back to the normal three songs and a word that doesn’t require any of God’s truth to be applied to their lives. That, or the leadership requires the application of truth from the people, but continue to sweep their sin under the rug, continue to not repent of their own sins, continue to not feel remorse for the way that they treated people who dared question their theology. Even more ridiculous and delusional is their belief that people who leave their church aren’t born again, even if they are still following the Lord and going to another church. The real truth is, these leaders like being the idol of the people.

Friends, these are times that require gravity and prayer. I prophesied to leaders with deaf ears in early 2019 that God was going to shake the church. He certainly has started to do that visibly, and I know that He isn’t done.

I’ll end this post with a vision from the Lord that I received in October 2019.:

I saw many church leaders of a city. They became like wooden idols and His wind stopped. People were searching around for grain and there was none.

God said to me, “This is what happens to the post-learners. There is no seat for the lawbreakers.”

Hard word, I know. I don’t like giving hard words, but I think God gives them to me, because I’m willing to endure the backlash FOR HIM that they always bring. I have good words for people too, like the one I shared a few days back.

Don’t you know the Lord will be coming back in wrath when He returns next?

Read Revelation 19 and Romans 2 and 2 Thessalonians 2.

I love you. If you have any prayer requests, message us!