10,000-foot Overview of The Bible

10,000-foot Overview of The Bible:

-God is the creator of all things.
-God created mankind for relationship and stewardship.
-Man chose to rebel against God’s plan and idolize himself, bringing sin and death into the world.
-God set standards for man in order to restore a relationship with him.
-Man continually failed, due to continued rebellion in many forms.
-God sent His Son Jesus to restore relationship.
-Jesus lived a perfect life, and fulfilled all that mankind was never able to fulfill in their strength.
-Jesus, the Son of God and Son of Man, died as a sacrifice for all of mankind’s sins, paving the way for a relationship with the Father.
-Jesus rose from the dead, proving he has the power over sin and death.
-Jesus proclaims Himself as the only way back to a relationship with the Father
-Jesus returns to the Father and sends the Holy Spirit.
-The Holy Spirit dwells in us and empowers us to finally begin to have victory over Sin and the Flesh.
-Christians live 100% sold out for Christ through temptation, persecution, and trials in devoted love for Christ.
-Christ will return for His bride, and bring judgment to all the earth.
-Christ will rule and reign forever.